Friday, October 29, 2010

Family Affairs!

My cousin Chloe recently moved to nyc to go to FIT. This makes me soooo happy!

A few months ago, Ned convinced to go campin' with his/my new family. We also went to visit his Dad's girlfriend's (Renee) Amish family friends. And went pickin' in Renee's family farm. <3


Angy said...

i LOVE ALL OF THAT PICS, amazing with that vintage effect!


JoeyAna said...

dido i love the vintage look

Anonymous said...

aww that puppies is so cute. i love these pictures. what did you guys make with what you picked?

Anonymous said...

What kind of film cameras do you use? All of your pictures turn out so well, whether they're vintage looking or super clear. I love them! I would love to see more frequent posts :) said...

These pictures capture such lovely moments. They feel so natural, and happy.

AND THAT DOG!!! too cute

SucceedingatFailing said...

these pictures are great! Everybody looks so happy and cool! :)

Jan said...

Great pics,
haha all those animals are looking so funny to me ^^
Especially the last one!

zoé [lightningfactory] said...

really cool blog! as far as i can see on your pictures...i think you are beautiful!
i followed(: do you want to follow mine?

X zoé - -

Dc shoes said...

This is awesome my new friend. Great pics... and some great ideas. :)