Monday, May 24, 2010

I wear my sunglasses!

Italian Vogue Luxottica Advertorial.

"Move, move, move. And keep moving!" I got fairly dizzy. And fell only once. (^_^)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Atlantic City Through the Spencer Cam.

My BF, BFF and I took a weekend trip to Atlantic city to play the slots and whatnots.

I packed outfits that I didn't think i would wear outside of a Casino. We rented a car, brought about 10 cameras, stopped 43489759834 times so Spencer could pee, smoked too many cigarettes, ate a Hooters twice, met an Ashton Kutcher look alike, hung out on the JERSEY SHORE and within the first 5 minutes I lost $10 and wanted to go home. I'm not much of a gambler. I was UBER disappointed to find out the slots didn't spit out coins but STUPID gaming vouchers. I saw a billboard for a Sex And City slot, but I never found it. (u_u)

Spencer and I "explored" a bit of Atlantic City. We went to 2 thrift stores. Spencer managed to find a pair of LEATHER HOT PANTS. We walked what seemed like 100 miles to the other thrift store which only had old merchandise from Target. I wanted to buy a pair of children's footie pajamas but couldn't find a size that would fit. But we did find a Disney Princess Easy Bake Oven-ish thing that cooked cakes with ICE. So for $5 I bought it. We took it back to the hotel room and mixed and froze and ate something that tasted like absolute CRAP. Don't worry, we made sure the confections weren't expired. GAH ROSS.

We had impromptu photo shoots just about everywhere. Spencer and I were scared to take photos in the Casino. There weren't any signs posted saying that we couldn't but we are both silly nilly chicken butts and only took a FEW inside.

These are all photos from Spencey's POV. I will put mine up in time.

And two of the only safe for work photos from a German Gq editorial I did with Noah Mills and photog Joe Lally. These aren't my boyfriends favorite pictures...thats for sure. (^_^)