Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Spencer and I met each other modeling in NY when we were 15 and 16 (respectively). We've been working around the world and back again. We finally developed a friendship a few years ago when we ended up in our agency's model apartment. We've since acquired quite a few film cameras. We each have been taking photos of random shite for years now. Recently we decided to try to photograph each other. Although we've collectively been on over 100 photo shoots, there are photos that we wish we had taken.

It started as more of a creative outlet. We weren't taking it all that seriously at all. We still have a difficult time keeping our game faces on and we're still trying to really figure out what the hell we're doing. But in a short few months its turned into some a little more serious. My agency is interested in us photographing a few of their new faces. There's a clothing company that wants us to shoot their merchandise on each other. We even got our hands on a super professional light reflector and diffuser AND light meter (THANKS MR PETERSON!). We're finding it awfully funny. Its turning into something kind of amazing. And we're pretty excited!

I think Spencer will always be my favorite person to shoot. I wish we wouldn't break into giggle fits everytime I try to take photos of her! I wonder what it will be like when we finally try to take pictures of someone else. Soon soon soon!

So here are a few of our escapades.

Spencer's side.

We decided to go to mccarren park and drink iced bubble tea. The sun started to set and the light was too much to handle! Luckily we carry around as many as 4 cameras between us at any given time. We ended up having a legit photo shoot in the middle of the park. This is the first time we were even CLOSE to treating each other as the model/photographer. We're finally gettin comfy shooting with each other. Spencer is like my sister (and vice versa) and it makes for an interesting (and at times difficult) dynamic.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Life's A Beach.

Memorial Day Weekend;
Spencer and I went to Atlantic Beach with my surrogate family (My manager, his babes and his in-laws) for the weekend.

Spencer's Photos. I would've taken more if I wasn't chasing children all weekend. And to think more than half of Spencey's photos didn't develop properly...! So sad! ;

I have an overwhelmingly amount of photos to update !