Monday, September 27, 2010

Water Babies!

Ocean City, Maryland. September 19, 2010. Spencer and my last summer horrah!

My computer hard drive crashed. I don't know if I should update all at once!


Kerry said...

That's amazing- I live in OCMD! I don't think we get too many fashion models down here ;) This post just made my day!

xo Kerry

Catherine said...

Aw, you look like an adorable little elf in the second-to-last picture! :) It's just started getting chilly in Texas, so these pictures are making me miss summer!
Great shots~

Fifi said...

where is your suite from!?
I love it and you!
Its nice you hear from you after so much time!

Stay lovely!

rouli said...

amazin floral swimsuit!!!!!!!!!!


kiss dear

enzo grassagliata said...

Comment dire... TRANSLUCIDE !

Angela said...

These pics are awesome! Love the underwater shots

Anonymous said...

You're kind of short to be a model.

Ashley said...

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Adèle said...

Lovely post !
I would like you to be my model

Elsewhere, can you tell me something about my photographs ?

heylila said...

Gorgeous pics!
You take cool photos by the way, such a different style then what I normally see, wish you could take photos of me ;)
great blog, I just discovered it and will follow it now!


KaLi said...

i love your blog

Christine said...

i just love that floral one-piece!