Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Here. Some stuff to look at.

Awesome kitty curtains.
Subway car.

Creepy foam head with wig of course I DIDNT get the wear.
Street art everyone has taken photos of.

Lampshade at hotel room for Jalouse shoot.
This photographer's apartment had weird great stuff.
Woop. Thats not me, Im taking the picture.

At my agency, bookers take smoke breaks. Thats cool! haha

Hotel Maurice (?) for Ellen Von Unwerth. So pretty.
Hotel room in Zurich. I was only there for 22 hours, I couldn't really see any of the city outside of this.
Agency dogggggy.
Ellen's photo assistants do anything I ask them to.
hehe Sexy, non?
So artsy when I thought I had bw film in my camera...

L'officiel was yesterday. That was great.


Im sorry the photos are small. I was in the wrong f'ing folder.


Bobby Whigham said...

wow the chandelier in the hotel.

Anonymous said...

hahaha the assistants, i like the street art and hotel. im gonna miss your blogitty

Anonymous said...

The hotel is lovely and the outfit you had on has a nice color clash with your tights ;D

Anonymous said...

taylor do you have a set shutterspeed you use all the time?

taylor warren said...

The camera I used for these pictures is an automatic. The shutter speed has nothing to do with me!

Anonymous said...

are you going out sometimes in paris?

Mel Carrey said...

Small photos, amazing shots. You've got a great eye

♥ fashion chalet said...

you should be a photographer and a model. LOVE YOUR STUFF! gorgeous girl, you. lots of love, Erika xx

HAPPY new year! X

Anonymous said...