Saturday, December 13, 2008

1 week to go!

It seems like Ive just arrived! I leave on the 19th. I dropped off film this afternoon, so I'm going to pick it up tomorrow. Im very excited! I have some rolls of black and white that have yet to be developed. The photolabs I've gone into have told me;

a. they can't develop bw film, or
b. it will take 10 days.

Developing film onto disks is..expensive. It costs AT LEAST 15euros. And thats not including prints. So believe me, it starts to add up. When I get back to NY, I'll be sure to find somewhere to do it for a decent price and time frame.

I have been working loads (see my previous post). Everything has been amazing and I can't wait to see it all. My return flight has been pushed back from the 1st to the 15th to the 19th. I'm shooting 10 pgs and the cover (!!!!!) of L'officiel on Monday and Glamour on Wednesday. And an option for French that may or may not have been cancelled ( =( ) already.

Here are pictures from the first Parisian job I shot in Nico Magazine. I don't have a scanner;
the photos are flipped
the colors are off because I captured them on my computer camera.

i'll let you guess which one is my favorite. And my 2nd favorite. ;-)

x's and o'ses.



loveroffashion said...

These are stunning!!e

fabulous as always darling!!!

Anonymous said...

i like the one with the flower and the one where it looks like youd be holding a cigarette but arent

l'officiel yay i cant wait to see everything either

Krista said...

you look gorgeous

Melanie said...

You can flip pictures in Photo Booth using cmd-F. :)

Anonymous said...

really exceptional edit + you know I don't just say that. your faves May be mine too, so that would be:
1st fave: pic #2.
2nd fave: pic #1

how did I/we do ? xo

Anonymous said...

1st and 5th?
All of them are divine (:
Who was the photographer of this editorial?

Lindsay said...

Pretty as always!

Anonymous said...

all of my friends in ny get photo cds at duane reade or rite aid. here in boston it's only about 5 bucks so it can't be TOO much more there.

taylor warren said...

IN NY It costs $5 yes. But in paris it costs from 10-15EUROS to get your photos onto a cd at Photoservice or any random photostudio.

If you'd like to tell me where in Paris I can get it done for $5, I'd be more than happy to listen.

Anonymous said...

tay if youre still in paris you better go to
and Deux Magots too.
there's a reason many cool Parisienne eat there everyday - youll see why -
who else tell you dese 'ting?