Thursday, December 4, 2008

For the rest of my stay in Paris,

I'm going to see the inside of studios, airports, airplanes, hotels, camera lenses, and occaisonally the inside of my eyelids.

December 5th - Jalouse

December 6th - Shoot in Zurich

December 7th - My baby sister's 20th birthday


December 8th - shoot wif ellen von unwerth

December 9th - Option waiting to confirm

December 10th - S with STEVEN LYON (I <3 YOU, Im sorry. I need to rest tonight. :( :( :( )

December 11,12,13,14 - Options.

December 15 - BACK TO NY! WHoooRAHHH.


Anonymous said...

no your twin is maryna linchuk hahaha you can tell this girls your sister, her eyes are more cat like though.

Joelena said...

Is your shoot w/ Unwerth for a different project or the same one with Pete D from earlier?


Anonymous said...

yes I think Ive made that maryna linchuk comparison before - im liking the tonality to lots of the parisian work -

taylor warren said...

Different story with Ellen.

MF said...

Taylor's sister Rocks! Happy Birthday!!

nymph & cloud said...

added your blog! hello!