Wednesday, March 9, 2011

No, yes. No, yes!

My 2nd cover for NO magazine !!

Here are the photos from the video a few months ago! Only low res for now! xx

Photographer - Jason Lee Parry w/ Current Studio

Photography Assistant - Jenny Sirney and Liz Davis

Model - Taylor Warren w/ Fusion

Stylist - JAK

Hair - Staci Child w/ De Facto Inc.

Makeup - Christine Cherbonnier

Nine Til Noon from Corey Smith on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. It's a shame the picture is too small to be able to read the words.

Anonymous said...


loveroffashion said...


Rachel. said...

Stunning as always. I also Love the typography used on your name x

iida said...

You are stunning, love the photos! (;

Anonymous said...

.. just wanted to stop by to remind you about your supercoolness :) nice pics1

A Timely Mystique said...

these are lovely too :)

Miss Couture Vintage. X said...

Love the images!

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DAKOTA said...

This is gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

the picturres are amazing !

Anonymous said...

your so beautiful .

BrennasFashionBeat said...

You look awesome! Love all the pics!
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BEK F said...

loving all these pictures!

Marie said...

You are a very good model, and I juste want to tell you that your blog is really cool, not "wrong", not overrated.
Go on :)


less said...

no. is my favourite magazine and too see you on it again has made me so happpy (in the least creepiest way possible)

Julia said...

such great photos! i love your blog.

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SilhouetteParisienne said...

Amazing xoxo