Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lacy Days.

I don't normally post photos like this, but its too fun to leave out from my blog! I had a shoe emergency and needed to stop by my cousin Chloe's dorm next to my casting in midtown because I didn't have a pair of heels to wear for my appointment. She came downstairs and I swear I thought we were living inside of each other's brain. Chloe came down in a black lace psuedo bathrobe from Top Shop and I was wearing my Siwy lace pants that I haven't been able to take off since they were given to me. And alas, photos from my bf's iPhone to document the ridiculousness.


p.s it was 70-80 degrees. hence the smiles!


Laksmono said...

Too cute!
It looks like beautiful weather too

iida said...

Amazing lace pants and the sun looks so warm!

Anonymous said...

Wow, your cousin's lacy coat is incredible. A bit Morticia Adams/Stevie Nicks esque.

A Timely Mystique said...

friday was incredible <3 i didn't last 20 minutes indoors for want of soaking up the radiance

lovely looks on both of you :) i love your mix of floral and lace


Shaina said...

So cute!!! It was 70 degrees up here in Long Island, but then it randomly started snowing today!(wierd?)

Ughhhh I can't wait for it to get warm again !!

love your blog :)


Tayler said...

I love these pics!
you guys are so pretty and chic!

--Style Interplay--

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