Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just keep 'em coming.

I stalk photographer's websites, magazine's websites, photography agents websites, stylists websites until I find the work I've shot. It pays off.

Ph. Oliver Spies for a German Mag I dont know the name of. I hope to shoot some stories that are a little less Vampy a little more...raw. :) Its been fun being so glam, I'm lucky that I can handle this much hair and make up... but! Im ready for some different/natural light/natural make up/less posed photo shootin's! Maybe London will hook me up.


loveroffashion said...

I would love to have you in my portfolio for real yo!!

Motel face said...

3rd and 5th=favourite.
Personally, I think you look just as gorgeous sans makeup, as you do all made up like this.
Both are very different looks, but you're extremely beautiful no matter what!

rachel gilman said...

i just saw some images of you in the new jalouse. fab.

Lani said...

your photos are absolutely stunning always! i remember you from days of livejournal forever ago. i hope you're doing well and getting lots of work.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Love these!