Tuesday, February 3, 2009

For those of you that might not know me;

but have found my blog because of all its awesomeness. You know my name is Taylor, you know I'm a model, you know I was in Paris.. Here's some randomness that I was sucked into on facebook via my baby cousins and thought I'd post it here.

1. I don't like odd numbers. I dont HATE odd numbers, but I don't like their unevenness.

2. I have a serious bargain problem. I'm constantly checking the prices of things. Constantly comparing.

3. I don't enjoy spending money.

4. But I do adore $40 candles.

5. I have an ashtray for every room of my apartment. (Living room, other room, bedroom, kitchen ...and bathroom.)


7. I've recently developed a legit diet coke addiction.

8. My biological father is a Heroin addict.

9. I hate drugs.

10. I do not do drugs.

11. I do not associate myself with people that find drugs to be important aspects of their lives.

12. I have a very low alcohol tolerance and usually don't enjoy drinking.

13. I keep my vices LEGAL; cigarettes, caffeine, babies, bargains, hand holding, linens, etc.

14. My boyfriend and I are on an unofficial mission to eat at every franchise restaurant in New York City.

15. I don't enjoy my days off.

16. I've stopped wearing make up, but I still can't live without mascara.

17. I want to have children, but I'd like them to stay babies. Not because they are cuter when they're in diapers and completely helpless, but because I never want them to experience nasty things like heartbreak or disappointment or stress... I would want to protect them forever and ever and ever.

18. Loves junkfood. I almost bought an economy pack of hot pockets today at the grocery store.

19. I have an extremely beautiful and intelligent family. From my grandmother to my youngest cousins, they have taught me so much.

20. Im easily disappointed and I'm not sure whether or not I'm that easy to impress.

21. The idea of being super social or having A LOT OF ~*~friends~*~ does not appeal to me. I am consistently being let down and trying to figure out if everyone sucks or if I have unattainable expectations. I have my large family, my manager/new family, my few besties and boyfriend and that's enough.

22. Just like everyone else, I find myself to be a tad misunderstood. I flip flop between trying to prove everyone wrong and really believing that I do NOT give a poop.

23.Every year I try to improve my posture and lessen my use of swear words...


25. Lastly, I really do believe that I am one of the luckiest ducks in the world.


sammeh17 said...

you are amazing/my hero

Paul said...

"I want to have children, but I'd like them to stay babies... because I never want them to experience nasty things like heartbreak or disappointment or stress... I would want to protect them forever and ever and ever."

Oh yes. Yes. God, you have no idea.

Motel face said...

This is so interesting taylor, but it's so understandable that your blog usually contains your modelling projects, and nothing too personal. Because it really isn't any of otherses businesses!
I definitely agree on the point you made about drugs. They screw people up, mentally above everything else. And I just can't believe that people sacrifice that. You're inspirational!

jess said...

you're the best taylor xoxo

Valentina said...

This is so inspiring taylor! As someone with family members also addicted to heroin, I totally know where you are coming from. Keep going with everything, I love the blog!

defiled said...

wow people really kiss your ass hahahah its cool to read about you, my favorite being #14

taylor warren said...

I wouldn't like to assume its ass kissing..! =p More along the lines of I'm not like most other 21 year old model/scenester/it fuck that loves going out and shoving stuff up my nose. To each their own, though.

If your interested (re: #14) we've visited; The olive garden, outback steakhouse, tgifridays, papa johns and various fast food restaurants. Still need to do Applebee's and Dallas BBq...

Mel Carrey said...

if I haven't said it annoyingly enough- you rule

Anonymous said...

Even through your writing you sound so, so much happier than this time last year.

Anonymous said...

this blog looks like a 16 years old girl blog
really,this post is exactly the same as teenager's

Paul said...

"this blog looks like a 16 years old girl blog really,this post is exactly the same as teenager's"

The only person who would leave a comment like that is a very lonely 15 year old. With lots of pimples.

Modelizer said...

so many haters! damn girl, such a shame because you are truly awesome and do things your own way.

I want babies to stay babies forever too and no to drugs forever <3

taylor warren said...


Leave your name, big balls. =p

Your punctuation and grammatical faux pas were really mature, tooooo!

taylor warren said...

hahaha excuse my dumbassness, but I love that my blog can bring out such heated reactions, I'm glad I can bring that out of you.

Paul said...

anonymous blog bashing is the last refuge of the scoundrel. or something like that.

also of the ball-less

Paul said...

and you were ALL OVER the MisShapes, girl! Geesh, you're even on the cover of their book, aren't you?!?!

Lani said...

#9-12, totally there with you.

#24 & 25, you're so damn cute!

Sara said...

i just realized i like you. not that it matters, because the reason i like you is that you are very secure, meaning you couldn't care less. im glad that your not one of those fake, nervous bitches. I LIKE YOU TAYLOR! =]

Rich Hippie said...

wow amazing i taught i was the last anti social awkward chick that felt exactly like number 20 and 21, nice!!!

Anonymous said...

backwards bc thats how i remembered it:
20-21: I fear that to. I just dot believe in settling for anything because thats where disappointment is born., Once i meet someone cool who shares my interest and values i tend to put them on a perdastal-hence once they make a mistake my world comes crashing down.

17: I do too! Though Im not sure about marrying I have trust issues. My wanting to keep my babies-just so as babies is because i Feel like because my mom and dad-mom especially has done such a great job raising me that Im going to be cursed for being good and no matter what I do i will have the worlds most fucked up babies-not physically just filled with issues and constant teenage angst. ;d

8-12: Two of my aunts were drug addicts and because I saw the fatal consequences of that I'm traumatized and don't see drinking and doing drugs as a fun past time. So when my peers are getting fuckfaces I sit at home alone like a loser. Sometimes i cant help but ask why i have tobe so different. but then i get over it quick fast bc i love the genuine free spirit that i am :)

if your ever free come for a visit sometime!

my poetry: onespokenworde.tumblr.com

hope this wasn't too long and odd haha

lauren. said...

you are my new favorite person. every one of those things you listed i found myself going "ahh! me too!" you're the cutest ever!

Fei+Bella said...

#17. amen. i think about that everytime i pause by the adorable pictures of those model babies at the baby gap

Anonymous said...

Hey, but you _are_ a lucky devil. Keep on enjoying life, work and everything. Always feels great to see there are some happy (and freakin beautiful) lucky devils in the world :)

Anonymous said...

oh my god are you guys actually saying those we're "haters" comments???
sorry girl, i just found ur blog AND ITS SWEET MAN ! :D
but just to respond to those you said the teenage comment was mean, you guys should go on other blogs where the comments are like "you're ugly, and you gained weight." now my friends, THOSE are hater comments
yes your list is actually indeed a teenage list, but its awesome!
you guys got to CHILL !
lots of love