Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Up, up and away.

Sign in my coutyard, in Paris.
Ellen and her pain-in-the-butt assistants, in Paris.
Inside of the cabaret.
Cabaret that I had my last job with Ellen
Cutest street sign ever, in Zurich.
Saddest playground ever, in Zurich.
Muscle man, in Zurich.
flamingos, in Paris.

The rest of Europe.

I also brought Ned home with me to meet my kind of crazy family.

My cousin Elena playing Guitar Hero in redic jammies.
Waiting for Elena to come home, so I colored a picture for her (with Ned and George.)
Jenga with My aunt and Cousin. He wasn't drinking, he's only 15.
Elena and george.
Me playing Guitar Hero on DS. I went back to NYC and bought one for myself.

My sister might kill me, thought she might not. And ned.
Me, my mommy and my sister.
Me... in a car.
Giving Ned the 'eyes'.
My sister on a stick horse in front of a bunch of cowboy boots, duh.

Another example of white tights gone horribly wrong.
My sister, Katie!
Ned and my sad silly Christmas tree.
My sister's fastfood breakfast nook.
View from the apartment Ned and I were staying in Chelsea.


She can't get anymore beautiful, really.
My sister and her cat, Kitten.
Kitten with Rupert in his mouth.
Ned loving the nook.


Ned and I just moved into our new apartment in Brooklyn. ITS SO CUUUUTE. And big and CHEAP!

Im flying to Marrakesh on Thursday night for 2 days for 22 pgs in Perfect Magazine. HOLLER. My vacation is over...



Jennifer said...

How exciting! Love the photos!

Blood Roses said...

lovely pics, i especially like your weird little christmas tree and your cousin's cute pjs! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you and your sister are really alike.

Anonymous said...

you and your sister are completely gorgeous.

Maria C said...

Good luck with your editorial, i'm sure you wont need it ;)

Knight Cat said...

hi taylor! i did a post on my blog of you...and i was wondering if you are interested in a shirt interview?

you can email me at:


Anonymous said...

Hey taylor!
Im just getting into modelling am around the same height as you 5'7''-5'8''..and Iknow you prob came across places that arent interested in you jus cuz of height altough you make up for it in beauty..same here..any tips on which agencies I should go to for castings? I always start and say Im gonna go at it ful throttle but UNi gets in the way and other stuff..

I tried emailing you but yours isnt listed.
when ur free!


jess said...

you and your sister are so alike! does she model too? beautiful siblings!

Anonymous said...

You have such a beautiful family.

Siska said...

taylor you are so fucking sexy. I love your eyes and hair, I want see more from you!you are my next topmodel!

Anonymous said...

hope you don't mind me asking, but where and how much is your apartment?
i'm considering moving to ny.

Anonymous said...

new photos yay! i like them. you and your sister remind me of these cats i have. weird? yah. well because theyre brothers and they look like twins but their features are slightly different. stuff like thats cool to see. and youre looking different than usual. i like those dark circles under your eyes. they make you look less pretty pretty and more interesting pretty.


Anonymous said...

your sister looks like kristen stewart. she's pretty. does she model as well? and you, you are looking gorgeous as usual.

HotCaviar said...

you are amazing... i only just discovered your blog and i can't get enough of your photography skills... i'm really into vintage film cameras and I wondered which one you use? you are my muse, ever since the cover of nylon... love it
I work for a newspaper here on the Gold Coast, Australia as fashion editor and am doing a feature in the next couple months on blogs, wondered if you'd be interested in a feature? I can send through some email questions and if you could give me permission to access some of your pics for it that would be awesome! my email is
look forward to hearing from you!

Anonymous said...