Thursday, January 15, 2009

Perfect Day.

Here are photos from my shoot for Perfect Magazine. My mommy was born in Morroco XX years ago. So it was extra special for me being there.

And some baby pictures.

Sorry some of these are sideways. Im on someone else's computer.

Window in my room with all of my crap.

Dining room.
My awesome sheets.
Shelving unit in my room.
Working class donkey.
Our door knocker thingy.
Our house cook keeper girlie.
Kiddies running.
LADYBUG! She hung out for hours.


Monkey on a leash. Isn't that a limp bizcut song? Anyway, after I took this photo they chased me down and made me pay them. Everyone thought that if you took a photo you needed to pay. I understand thats how that make a living. But I wasn't prepared for this any only had $7 us. That isn't so much...

The market was pretty much empty the time of the day I was able to go.
so. many. cats.

Orange treeee!

Mosque + crazy traffic + palm trees!

lotsa cats.

Leftover xmas decorations?
This reminded me of ET. Dangling legs.

New apt bedroom.
Right after I returned from Africa. All showered and clean and ugg-ed.

More of my new apt.With my boyfriend shooting a job in Dubai the same time I was in Africa, there was quite a bit of duty free shopping going on. Kind of disgusting, actually.


Anonymous said...


i also like your bedding, where'd you get it?


Anonymous said...

morocco looks nice. are those really *your* sheets?! i like them and they chased you down? 7$ for the monkey hahaha those lamps are cool and the dangling legs are kind of disturbing

Mel Carrey said...

I love how your photos always have a faint smoky look.

Styleseeking Zurich said...

Cigarettes in the fridge? :) Cool!


Anonymous said...

who s the boyfriend!