Friday, December 9, 2011

Shakin' Bake

I haven't posted photos in so long. I'm so far behind that I might as well start with the most recent. Here you will find images from my Thanksgiving weekend. Part 1 in Brooklyn with my BFs fam. Part 2 upstate. But the images are backwards. How do you like them apples?

My aunt is a piano savant.
Making brunch.

I taught my cuz how to crochet.
Ned's stepmom, Ned's dad, Ned's bro, Ned's bro's wife, Ned, me.

Ned's brother is a dog walker/sitter/lover, since it was a holiday weekend, their apartment was covered in doggies. Everyone pretty much got their own lap pup.

Da da da dummmm my first Bar Mitzvah !!! (disclaimer - they're not my babies, but I love them as such.)

The boy of the evening!

Her's is bubbly water.
The happy family !



Genevieve said...

omg. Ned's brother is like me!!! lol

hannahalehandra said...

Your brunch looks yummy. Big love from England.

Albert said...

Hi, this may sound stupid, but I mean it: I'd like to meet you once.

My name is Albert, I am 22 years old, been writing songs with my guitar all day long today and I play in a band called Charlie Straight.

Anyway, good luck with everything you do! If you ever want to meet me too, write me an e-mail to

Take care, A.

Angie said...

Tes photos sont superbes ! Tu es très jolie ! (Your pictures are amazing ! You are pretty too !)

Bonne continuation