Thursday, October 6, 2011

Adios, horseys.

Nylon Mexico -
Ph. Olivia Malone
Style - Julie Brooke Williams
Hairs - Staci Child
Make up- Erin Green


Anonymous said...

you are so beeeeaaauutiful. and you keep on getting better!

Izzi89 said...

Nice editorial!! I love your blog!

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sheri morrison said...

gorgeous, I love these

one young thing said...

beautiful editorial.
forgive me for my ignorance, but that is you, yes?
in any case, there is such quirk and interest in the model's face, i love it. and the photo of the model mounted on the horse blew me away. absolutely statuesque.

wonderful entry, thanks!

Anonymous said...

taylor! you are my favourite model. i'm from new zealand and see your face in so many magazines, it rules. can you please tell me your beauty secrets? like, what your daily routine is in terms of products? also, if you were putting on makeup yourself, what would you use? i know you are naturally beautiful and skinny, but are you a health freak like miranda kerr? please tell me everything! i want to be as beautiful and skinny as you! thank you for your time, alexa. x

Anonymous said...

Wow, Taylor. I really hope you address that comment from Alexa.

Girls should not aspire to be as thin as you, as it can be dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Tay does NOT appreciate comments about being "too thin". So STFU.

And hoby jeebus, Taylor, that horse looks HUGE!@#

rouli said...


Trishiex said...

You're so pretty and stylish Taylor. The first pic reminds me of a pair of vintage brown booties I have in my wardrobe!

Bare Legs

taylor warren said...

Okie dokie artichokies .

Miss Alexa,

As far as make up is concerned, I feel like an alien if I'm not wearing mascara. If I have a blemish and put concealer on it, it ALWAYS looks worse (and my boyfriend will always mention how much more attention I'm drawing to it since make up never really matches my very pale skin.).

I love blush and I love a statement lip but I get enough of it at work that I know I can't do it with as much finesse on my own!

Weight/Food/Body Image issues. Its corny and I had saying it, but I have pretty kind genetics. But I also like to eat well so that I'll feel well. I don't consider a meal to be a meal without cheese. I try to eat lots of veggies. I don't like drinking my calories (but I'm not counting, so it really doesn't matter) so I stick to water, coffee and diet sodas (SO BAD FOR ME/YOU/EVERYONE).

Mila said...

wow wow wow! i love those pics, you are perfect and the photographer is amazing, i especially love the light. I wish i could take pics like that, too! i'm a photographer wannabe, i just do it as a hobby for now, but i love fashion photography so much!

i have an amazing blog, i hope you'll take a moment to have a look at it ;)