Tuesday, September 6, 2011


While in Australia I did a shoot with Zanita (http://zanitazanita.blogspot.com) for Bonds (a underwear brand) in a city outside of Sydney that sounded like "granola". We shot in these surreal sand dunes, that become unsurreal when random groups of people would appear out of nowhere power walking or having an impromptu picnic.

The stylist Sue Ann San (http://www.stylestalkerblog.com/) had the challenge of styling different new featured fabrics By Bonds into fashion-y tops, dresses, skirts, etc. It was very interesting to watch her twist and pin and tuck these enormous neon sheets of fabric into pretty chic separates.

The crew was all women which lead to a bunch of all around funny conversations. But my favorite part of the day had to be succumbing to the elements and pissing in the middle of patch of little trees and bushes while I watched ducks float on a small pond.

All underwear & fabric - Bonds
Perspex jewellery & knotted choker - Alexandra Blak
Tee & swimsuit - American Apparel
Crop top - POL Design
Shorts - Mae The Label
All other accessories - Vintage or stylists own.

Photography - Zanita Whittington
Styling - Sue Ann San
Hair and Make-up - Megan Harrison
Model - Taylor Warren
Assistant - Billie Gray


Cat said...

I’d discovered these photos on the Blogosphere and I fell in love. Alexandra Black's Madame Neon Choker and Fluorescent Cuffs are so stunning!

rouli said...


Anonymous said...

TOO fucking hot

rachel gilman said...

great shoot, taylor!

Anonymous said...

do you have a tumblr ?

Anonymous said...

i want to lick you from head to toe. mostly the middle parts though.

galatea. said...

you are soo good. nice editorial xx

Amy Jessica said...

wow!Those photos are stunning!
lovely blog, now following!

Amy said...

haha sounds like granola..you were at Cronulla, a suburb in the southern beaches of syd

Anonymous said...

taylor! I'm shooting two elite models this week, I have a legal question to ask you. I'm making release forms and all that jazz, I thought you may know a little better coming from the other side of things and what the permissions are with an agency. If you get a sec, email me, so I can ask you less publicy! : beulah@beulahanne.com

thanks girl! xo

Anonymous said...

she looks so fab in these classy <a href="http://www.loudstarbazaar.com/shop/brand-mon-peche-mignon/mon-peche-mignon-sheer-lace-dress/p_8.html>Feminine dresses</a>. love the whole collection!

Anonymous said...

could you give me any tips to lose weight and look like you? because seriously,i am enchanted by yout beauty! <3