Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Miami Viced.


Right before Christmas, a few of my favorite people took me on a trip to Miami to shoot some pictures!

Photography by Kristiina Wilson
Styling by Lauri Eisenberg
Hair & Makeup by Katie Mellinger for DIOR Cosmetics
Manicure by Tootie for Essie
Model Taylor Warren @ Fusion Models


i hope you enjoyed my doodles. =p


loveroffashion said...

Stunning in the sun!!!

Claire Alexandra said...

LOVE THIS POST! your blog is amazing!


Claire Alexandra said...

LOVE THIS POST! your blog is amazing!


Brit said...

so pretty, and looks fun

Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures!


Raspberry & Rouge said...

So cool! I love these photos! You look beautiful! AmazinG!! XO Raspberry & Rouge


Pete | Hecktic Travels said...

Really cool shots, love the lighting. Do you know what Kristiina shot with?


taylor warren said...

^some polaroids w/ flash and digital without flash.

MissD said...

you look like james king in the first pic.

Claire M. said...

Lovely Outfits :)

Claire M.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha TOOTIE ;p


rouli said...

lovely pixx cool looks

Anonymous said...

Taylor! I am from New Zealand and have followed your career for years. You are my fashion/ beauty muse! I have a quick question for you. Have you ever used Bare Minerals blush, and if so, what shade looks best on you? I have dark hair, blue eyes and pale skin and have no idea what shade to choose! If not, what blush do you use? xx

sewa mobil said...

Very nice, thanks.

Jessica Rodriguez said...

nice outfits.. great view and outstanding beauty..

Charlotte Beecham said...

I love your blog, your style and vibe are great.
please take a look at mine.

If you like it please follow me back!

taylor warren said...

ms. anon -

I have used bare minerals. I really love the "warmth" blush that comes with all the starter sets. I've never used any of their other colors. But I'm always partial to a bright pink cheek! =p

Aku said...

3 words...

Ohhh my God


galatea. said...

these are super cool xx

love finding fellow model blogs! i'd love to see you book x

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