Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I couldn't figure out my password for a very long time. Firefox stopped saving all of my info. I have 3 or 4 half used rolls of film. But I do have a few model-y things to post.

Ive been in NY relaxin' for about a month. Changed agencies. Getting back into the groove..

OH! And I got 2 kitties. Flo and Delilah.
Without their collars, its almost impossibly to tell them apart. Eep. So cute.

Various new digitals;

Tiger of Sweden Campaign pictures. Im going back to Sweden at the end of this week to shoot for this brand again. :)

Oooh. Sophisticated.

The Koooooples w/ my Bf.

Man, he's hairy.

My Pants catalog with Paul Schmidt. I really love these. He's so talented.

Just waiting for Jalouse to come out! I need to get those films developed too. I can't remember for the life of me whats on them.



Lindsay said...

I am not a cat fan but LOOK AT THOSE KITTIES!

Adeline said...

kooples shop down my best friend place,you look perfect on it!


Anonymous said...

Nice to have you back! Ah, with Ford Models now? I think they seem like a very promising agency. I love, love the last photo!

Lea said...

yay update!

i hope Ford brings you even greater opportunities :D

btw, what is jadore-ca?

Motel face said...

Awww those kitties are to die for!! (: If only I was allowed to get a friend for my Ziggy.

Anonymous said...

an update! kitties <3 so you're with ford now, that's awesome!!!!

aria said...

Ford!! Way to go darlin!!

jess said...

great to see youve updated, ive missed your photos!
you look beautiful in those sewdish pics :)
and i love your new agency card, they picked really great photos!
have you been to any of the shows during fashion week?

Anonymous said...

hi i have a modeling question i hope you can answer...how long does a contract last? and do models often switch agencies once the contract is up? or is it kind of frowned upon..thank you :)

Style On Track said...

Beautiful new shots, but when are they not really ;) Also love the pics of your kitties, I just recently got a kitty and I am in love :)

Anonymous said...

Exeptional. When you are again in Sweden i would love to work with you in a project that i am right doing. Polaroid i say only


Anonymous said...

the boy's got a total Cat Stevens 1971 vibe goin.